Vegan Smoothie

I’m a big fan of a morning smoothie – quick, easy to make and totally delicious!

Here are a couple of my current favs:

Vegan Smoothie (The original recipe was on the Mind Body Green Winter Detox but I’ve adapted it a bit)

1 banana, 1 tbs. organic cashew nut butter, 2 tsp. ground flax seeds, 1 (or 2) handfuls of fresh blue berries, unsweetened almond milk – 1/2 cup or more if you want a more liquid drink.

Blend, drink and enjoy! This is a great one for breakfast, but I also like it for a pre-teaching snack too. 🙂

Green goddess with a kick!

1 banana, juice of half a lime, 1 or 2 handfuls of spinach (depending on how green you’re feeling!), ginger – finely chop around an inch of ginger (or more if you’re feeling fiery!), 1/2 cup distilled water or coconut water if it’s available  (if the smoothie looks a tad thick just add more water of your choice and re-blend).

Blend and enjoy! I also like this one in the morning especially if I’m feeling sleepy and in need of a boost to get me going.