Vegan Ventures: Day 3



So, whilst day one was pretty breezy, yesterday not so much so. I was feeling tired and obstinately wanting things which were off the menu. I obviously wanted to blame the tiredness on the veganism but truth be told I just hadn’t slept so great the past couple of nights and it was catching up on me.

I will give myself credit however, for not accepting the most beautiful looking cappuccino…ever – I desperately wanted to just pretend it was vegan (it wasn’t!) and drink it anyway, but refrained and had an americano instead which was just as good. Cappuccinos are not the coffee be all and end all I am discovering!

Friday evening I made a delicious tofu and veggie jalfrezi curry – I’d love to share the recipe but to be honest I just kind of made up as I went along! More or less though it had: tofu, 1 clove of garlic, 1 yellow pepper, half a courgette, mushrooms, a carrot, a tin of tomatoes, jalfrezi paste (you need to put in the amount that suits your taste buds!) and a dash of balsamic vinegar. I think I added some water in there too as it got a bit thick. I had it on basmati rice with fresh coriander on top and it definitely hit the spot!

I ended up with three portions so heated up one of those last night when I got back from teaching all afternoon and was too tired to get my culinary creative on. I added a handful of spinach in there too and had with quinoa this time. Really do love quinoa….I would eat it every day if I could!

Not sure what’s on the agenda tonight – maybe the stew I spied a recipe for on the Camyoga FB page the other day. I’m looking forward to whatever storm I manage to cook up and rest assured I will post a photo of the results on my Instagram later!

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Vegan Smoothie

I’m a big fan of a morning smoothie – quick, easy to make and totally delicious!

Here are a couple of my current favs:

Vegan Smoothie (The original recipe was on the Mind Body Green Winter Detox but I’ve adapted it a bit)

1 banana, 1 tbs. organic cashew nut butter, 2 tsp. ground flax seeds, 1 (or 2) handfuls of fresh blue berries, unsweetened almond milk – 1/2 cup or more if you want a more liquid drink.

Blend, drink and enjoy! This is a great one for breakfast, but I also like it for a pre-teaching snack too. 🙂

Green goddess with a kick!

1 banana, juice of half a lime, 1 or 2 handfuls of spinach (depending on how green you’re feeling!), ginger – finely chop around an inch of ginger (or more if you’re feeling fiery!), 1/2 cup distilled water or coconut water if it’s available  (if the smoothie looks a tad thick just add more water of your choice and re-blend).

Blend and enjoy! I also like this one in the morning especially if I’m feeling sleepy and in need of a boost to get me going.