I’ve been interested in Shamanism for as long as I can remember, although thinking back I didn’t realise at  the time that this was what it was called. Whilst living in Asia, I was privileged to visit Bali on a very regular basis, and it was through my time here that I gained greater insights into rituals, and the healing power of a connection with that which is greater than us. For me the ‘island of the gods’ as Bali is known, vibrates at a frequency quite unlike anywhere else I have been, and I attribute this along with the many amazing experiences I had and amazing people I met, to the development of my personal shamanic awareness.

SAM_0263After completing my Yoga and Energetics teacher training in June 2011 I took part in a fire walking ceremony; this was the first of a series of poignant events in my process of developing self empowerment and connection to Spirit. Following this I had the fortune to meet 2 sets of very significant people. First I spent some time with Agung and Made – traditional Balinese Balians who taught me about Balinese rituals and shamanism, giving me insights into myself too. Not long after, I met Lino Alelyunas (White Star) for the first time. White Star is a renowned clairvoyant, minister, registered counselor, international lecturer, Reiki Grand Master, animal communicator & healer and shamanic healer. I was blown away by her insights and this led me to later complete a Shamanic apprenticeship with her studying Native American Indian traditions such as the Medicine Wheel, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval and totem animals amongst many other things.

IMG_0658 More recently whilst visiting the USA, I also had the fantastic opportunity to study Enlightened Healing with William Two Feather in Texas. Two Feather is part Apache Indian and trained me in various shamanic healing techniques to remove negative energies from the body such as extraction and aura cleansing. I gained some fascinating insights into Native American wisdom and am proud to say that I am a certified Enlightened Healer.

“The tree has a spirit and the rock, and all of creation…” (William Two Feather)

If you are interested in shamanic journeying, soul retrieval or an enlightened healing treatment please contact me for further details.


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