No bake chocolate delight!

So, whilst in Denver, thrown off balance by the altitude, I and my partner in advanced TTC crime developed a slight obsession with no bake cookies! Since returning home there is nowhere I can indulge my new new fixation and I’ve convinced myself that if I try and recreate my Denver culinary passion it just won’t be the same – cue substitution with raw chocolate fudge! When I was on a yoga immersion with the High Vibe yoga crew in Bali a while back, I was  introduced to a nothing short of delightful recipe for raw chocolate fudge – and it’s that I’ve been tinkering with to make my Raw Chocolate, cashew butter and banana fudge! 🙂

A word of warning – if you make this – you will eat it, you won’t be that keen on sharing it – tip: make plenty!! (I have to laugh – I just went to get the recipe from where I stuck it on the fridge door and obviously just had to eat a piece before I came back to my seat! Quality control…honestly!)

Basic Raw chocolate fudge recipe:

3/4 cup raw cacao powder, 3/4 cup coconut oil, 1/2 cup honey (or agave – I prefer the texture of honey), pinch of rock salt, 1/4 cup cacao nibs, 1/4 cup cashews or other nuts chopped.

Mix in a bowl and then put in a flat tin or dish. Put in the freezer to set and then keep in the fridge – enjoy! (It might sound weird to add salt but it offsets the bitterness of the cacao nibs well and it tastes really good when you get a piece with a salty bit in it!)

For the cashew/banana extravaganza – I used all of the above except the 1/4 cup of cashews/nuts. Then I started free-styling! Note – when I get creative in the kitchen I am more Jamie Oliver than Delia Smith ie. I don’t really measure what I’m putting in, rather I go with what I’ve got and what seems like the tastiest quantity.

Before adding the cacao nibs I stirred in the cashew butter – probably about 1/3 -1/2 of a jar of the Meridian brand smooth cashew butter ( for those not in the UK a jar of that is 170g). The texture was amazing! I added the cacao nibs and had a look in my cupboards for what else might go nicely – I normally put in dried fruits such as gojis or juicy dried apricots, but this time they weren’t really calling me. Then I noticed some ripe bananas in the fruit bowl – I rationalised that if I mixed them in well and was going to keep the fudge well chilled they would probably work pretty well…So, grab a banana – chop it up into small pieces ( I reckon this mixes in better than just slicing it) and mix it in. I used one medium sized banana and that was plenty for this quantity – if you are a massive banana lover feel free to add more though!

I stuck the fudge in a small square baking tin (nb. straight edged tin makes it easier to cut your fudge afterwards than rounded edges) and popped it in the freezer to set. It’s now living in the fridge where I test my resilience frequently as I go in the fridge for other stuff (and more often than not fail – I even had a piece as I was cooking dinner tonight as I couldn’t wait for dessert!)

So, there we have it – sinful, chocolatey, nutty, banana goodness (which it is really as it has none of the rubbish you get in an average regular chocolate bar – let’s just keep telling ourselves that shall we….)Nom nom!

IMG_1590 IMG_1593


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