Re-setting our rhythms – Yin yoga for the spleen and stomach meridians

I’ve recently started teaching Yin classes and over the past couple of weeks have been introducing my students to sequences based on Yin-Yang organ meridian pairs. Tonight it was the turn of stomach and spleen!

The spleen (Yin) meridian starts on the inside of the big toe and runs up the inner thigh entering the body at the groin and moving through the stomach, spleen and diaphragm, chest, heart, finishing at the tongue root.

The stomach (yang) meridian begins next to the nose, and runs down the torso through the diaphragm, stomach, spleen, down the top of the legs and finishes at the end of the second toe.

Needless to say, these organs are the most affected by our diet; the spleen takes the nutrition from our food and converts it into blood and chi which feed the other organs. So if our spleen is out of balance, so our whole body will suffer from impure chi. A lack of balance in the spleen and stomach meridians can leave us lacking in energy, and feeling weak in both body and mind. It can also throw off our natural rhythms such as sleeping, and thus leaves us feeling ungrounded and uncertain. On an emotional level this can make us feel anxious, worried and out of balance; unable to think straight or understand clearly. When in balance, however we feel coherent and insightful; contented with who and what we are.

So, our focus in class tonight was on sitting with ourselves and being at ease with that; using connection with body, mind and spirit to relinquish judgement and find contentment in being at home sweet home in our amazing selves.




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